Electronic Design Flow

Electronic Design Flow

The heart of electronic design is the flow. Tools and processes working together to implement an efficient and successful process that deliver your designs. Developing a successful flow requires skills, experience and knowledge of both electronic design tools as well as the application domain.

Dizain-Sync offers a wide range of services to support your electronic design process. We offer a unique combination of a broad point of view combined with the in-depth specialist knowledge of our consultants. During one or more initial meetings, we will discuss with you about the specific issues in your company, followed by an advise on improvements that can be made to your design process, to make it more succesful. If desired we can also make the necessary changes to the tooling, processes and way-of-working in a project based approach. Including the necessary training to the designers.

After implementation of the flow we can also help you maintain the flow, and we can provide support. On- or offsite.


  • Technology expertise
    • PCB
      • E.g. Mentor DX, Expedition, Pads and Zuken CR 5000
    • FPGA
      • E.g. HDL designer, Altera, Actel and Xilinx tooling, Modelsim, Sigasi and Questa CDC
    • Chip Design
      • E.g. Cadence, Synopsys and Mentor
    • Cabling Design
      • E.g. Mentor Capital and E3.cable
    • Design process improvement
  • Design environment
    • Selection
    • Implementation
    • Extension
  • Design flow support
    • Way-of-working/Process improvement
    • Interfacing to other disciplines
    • Interfacing to enterprise systems like PDM, PLM or ERP
  • Design data management
    • Selection
    • Implementation
    • Extension
  • Turn key development
    • Tool development based on customer requirements
  • Component Library
    • Setup/Conversion
    • Maintenance
    • Publishing
    • Part Request
  • CAD Support
  • Training tailored to your environment