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7623 CS Borne, the Netherlands

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Supporting your future

We are an independent consultancy organisation in electronic design & development, with more than 25 years experience. We offer a unique perspective on the combination of PLM, EDA, Design and Training services.

Supporting your future

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With headquarters in Borne, the east of the Netherlands, we work in a technological innovative region close to the University of Twente. With more than 25 years of expertise in Electronic Design we are a reliable and versatile partner with global expertise. 

dizain-sync b.v.



Junior Consultant

Job Description

The junior consultant will help the customer to implement their EDA strategy. By implementing new tools and processes, or by helping the customer to do design work. This ranges from implementing EDA design tools in the customers' environment...

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Senior Consultant

Job Description

The senior consultant gives advice to the customer to develop and implement their EDA strategy. By helping them to select tools and implement processes and data flows inside and outside the company.



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News & Events

Cadence Verilog A course

This week our trainer Paul Eijkelkamp gave the Cadence Verilog A course. Paul learned the students to write High Level Simulation Models. By following this course designers are able to simulate complete systems, quick and efficient.

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Advanced VHDL Training

Bert Molenkamp (University of Twente) handed over the certificates to the trainees of our Advanced VHDL course. All the trainees are now VHDL experts!

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