PLM for Electronic Design

To improve the management, communication and collaboration of information throughout the complete lifecycle of a product, it is crucial to implement a sound Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategy. This applies to all activities of your company, so also to electronic design.

Our consultants have the knowledge to make the right choices whether it is for design tooling, revision control systems, business processes or supporting software, to make your strategy succeed. We help you to make the transition, and to integrate the electronic design area into your PLM vision!

PLM Services

  • Design Data Management - manage your design data and libraries, and manage releases and configurations.
  • Process improvement - Optimizing and changing the way of working.
  • Interfacing the design environment to other company systems, like PDM/PLM/ERP systems.
  • Working together with other disciplines.

Dizain-Sync can help you implementing this by providing you the right tools, processes and documentation. But more importantly also embedding this in your organisation, through involvement, training and support.

We can offer you the full process including project management, but also just consultancy services to provide a different view, and bring our experience and expertise to the table. We can ask the questions to challenge the concept, to improve on it. Also we can ask questions that someone in your company cannot.

Possible services include:

  • Strategy
    • Strategy determination and review
    • Tool selection
    • Workshops, training, communication
    • Business case and ROI
  • Project Management
    • Plan
    • Execute
    • Change process including training
    • Communication
  • Proces optimization
    • Version Control
    • Document control
    • Data management
    • Collaboration management

Help plan, start and maintain a PLM strategy