Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Dieco Electronics appreciates your interest in our products and visit to our websites.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data file that is stored on your device when you visit a website. A cookie may contain information to help operate the sites and collect information about online activities. Cookies may be set by the website you are visiting (first party) or they may be set by other websites who run content on the website or page you are visiting (third party).

Dieco Electronics uses cookies in order to improve your website experience. When you visit this website, your cookie helps us to display your local dealer on the site. Your cookie allows us to monitor and maintain information about your use of our website in a manner that does not identify you. In either case, this information helps us serve you better by improving our website design, as well as our products, services, contents, and promotions.

We also use a statistical system to track the navigational footprint on our website to further improve our website design and navigation.

Dieco Electronics also uses tracking cookies to link to social networks like Facebook, which may subsequently use information about your visit to target advertising to you on other websites. Provide third parties with information on your visit so that they can present you with adverts that you may be interested in.

Tracking cookies are linked to services provided by third parties, such as Facebook and monitoring the effectiveness of advertising. The third party provides these services in return for recognizing that you have visited our website. You can accept or decline tracking cookies by modifying the settings in your browser. Dieco Electronics does not control the use of cookies by third parties and shall not be liable for any reason whatsoever for these third-party cookies.

What cookies are in use

The list below shows an overview of cookies that are set by us or third parties during your website visit:

  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
    • Google Analytics is an analytics tool we use to analyse website visitor. We take multiple precautions to safeguard your privacy during your website visit. An example is the anonymization of your IP address during your visit. We will never be able to see personal identifiable information within Google Analytics.
    • _ga
    • _gid

  • Doubleclick
    • Doubleclick is an advertising platform used by Google Adwords. We use Doubleclick cookies in order to identify campaign results derived from our Google Adwords campaigns.
      • DSID
      • IDE
      • _psegs
      • permutive_id
      • permutive_session

Opting out or removing cookies

Opting out of cookies is possible through our cookie consent banner shown at the top of our website. If this is not showing up, you have given consent to place cookies. Clearing or removing cookies varies based on the internet browser you are currently using.

Clearing cookies in Google Chrome:

Clearing cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Tools or third parties we use to collect visitor data

We make use of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to collect visitor data through our website.

How long we store data

  • Based on our analytical needs, we've capped the data retention period at 6 months for all analytical data we gather through our website. We've set this retention period in Google Analytics so data gets automatically removed.

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