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Dizain-Sync believes research is the basis of knowledge. Knowledge that we apply at our customers. Therefore we often participate in research projects, like:

  • Beyond DREAMS
  • H-Inception
  • VeTeSS

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Design Refinement of Embedded Analogue and Mixed-Signal Systems

The goal of the European MEDEA+/Catrene project "Beyond DREAMS" project was to investigate development methodogies and realize a virtual prototyping environment for the development of wireless sensor networks.

"Beyond DREAMS" provided methods to handle the complexity and shorten the path from specification to implementation of future analogue mixed signal Systems on Chip / Systems in Packages / Hardware / Software and in heterogeneous systems (mechanical, optical, etc.).

Extensions for AMS modelling and simulation were issued in the SoC domain standards: SystemC and IP-XACT via the Standardization bodies OSCI and SPIRIT Demonstrators based on industrial test cases were developed.

This project has led to e.g. a structured design refinement method for AMS systems, using SystemC AMS extensions as a foundation technology. Many concepts of the project have been incorporated into the OCSI SystemC AMS 1.0 standard.

Period: January 2009 to September 2011

Project website: https://wiki.eas.iis.fraunhofer.de/beyonddreams/index.php

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A unified virtual-prototyping design environment to overcome challenges to specification, dimensioning and verification of multi-physical domains

This project has developed and deployed a novel unified design-methodology and tools to provide system-level design and verification for new types of emerging applications which require microelectronics that closely interacts with the surrounding environment in different physical domains. The H-INCEPTION project consortium provides the European industry with an ecosystem delivering all the design-technology ingredients – from design and verification methodology to the essential modelling languages and simulation engines.

In the H-Inception project, Dizain-Sync provided a proof of concept framework to develop multi-domain virtual prototypes (MDVPs) with a special focus on MEMS and NAEMS. This framework provides translators based on the IP-XACT standard for MDVPs. The framework is based on the Eclipse IDE and provide programming interfaces to TCL, python and C++, so that it is easily adaptable for the applications. The framework also contains generators for controlling MDVP dynamic simulations as well as formal checks.

Period: December 2012 - September 2015

Project page:https://www-soc.lip6.fr/trac/hinception

Profile: http://www.catrene.org/web/downloads/profiles_catrene/PP_H-INCEPTION-CA701.pdf

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Verification and Testing to Support Functional Safety Standards

The VeTeSS project has developed tools and methods for cost-effective verification and qualification of safety-critical embedded components and systems, targeting the strategically important automotive market while recognizing the potential in other markets. The objectives and activities of the project are driven by market requirements for more cost-effective development of safety-critical embedded systems.

As embedded systems become more widely used, providing increasingly complex functionality, there is potential for conflicts between cost pressures and the requirements for reliably safe systems. One way to resolve this is to provide better tools and methods for verification to safety standards, particularly for generic and reusable components and subsystems, defined as “Safety Elements out of Context” (SEooC) by ISO 26262.

Period: May 2012 to december 2015

Project website: http://vetess.eu/

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