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Supporting your future

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A successful Electronic Design Development requires skills, experience and knowledge of both EDA tools as well as the application domain. Dizain-Sync offers a wide range of services to support your Electronic Design Automation. From first line support to helping designers with their design issues. On- or offsite.

Dizain-Sync can help you further improving your design process. We offer a unique combination of a broad point of view combined with the in-depth specialist knowledge of our consultants. During one or more initial meetings, we'll discuss with you about the specific issues in your company. After these meetings, we will advice improvements that Dizain-Sync might bring to your design process. Most of our consultants are Prince2 certified.

EDA Services

  • Technology expertise
    • PCB
      • E.g. Mentor DX, Expedition, Pads and Zuken CR 5000
    • FPGA
      • E.g. HDL designer, Altera, Actel and Xilinx tooling, Modelsim, Sigasi and Questa CDC
    • Chip Design
      • E.g. Cadence, Synopsys and Mentor
    • Cabling Design
      • E.g. Mentor Capital and E3.cable
    • Design process improvement
  • Design environment
    • selection
    • implementation
    • extension
  • Design flow support
  • Turn key development
    • Tool development based on customer requirements
  • Component Library
    • maintenance
    • conversion
    • database setup
    • publishing
  • CAD Support
  • Training

Knowledge leads to better products

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CAD Support

First line support

We can deliver a fully equipped helpdesk (on- or offsite) with dedicated, knowledgeable support engineers with various SLAs.

Second/third line support

We solve your more difficult issues, using our experts.

Design support

We help you to solve particular design issues. E.g. simulation issues, automating your builds, solving signal integrity or production issues. 

Offsite Helpdesk

We offer a phone and emailservice during business hours. Most issues can be solved immediately. More complex issues will be transferred to an expert, who will resolve the issue. The activities are logged in a ticket system and is always traceable.


Supporting your business

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To improve the management, communication and collaboration of information throughout the complete lifecycle of a product, it is crucial to implement a sound PLM strategy.

Our consultants have the knowledge to make the right choices whether it is for design tooling, revision control systems, business processes or PDM/PLM systems, to make your project succeed. We help you to make the transition, and to integrate the design area into your PLM vision! Most of our consultants are Prince2 certified.

PLM Services

  • Consultancy
    • Strategy
    • Tool selection
    • Workshops
    • Business case
    • ROI
  • Project Management
    • Project plan (Define scope)
    • Implement
    • Training
    • Communication
  • Proces optimization
    • Version Control
    • Document control
    • Data management
    • Collaboration management


Help plan, start and maintain a PLM strategy

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The design of ICs and large FPGAs requires skills, experience and knowledge of both EDA tools as well as the application domain. This is what Dizain-Sync can deliver with experienced consultants equipped with communication skills that seamlessly fit in your organization.


This has become the bottleneck of many projects. Up-to-date knowledge of and experience with modern verification methodologies such as UVM, assertions and formal verification is required here. Our consultants have that knowledge and experience and are able to make your project succeed.


When designs cross boundaries, such as analog and digital, system level or software, than modeling becomes a crucial element in your flow. The Dizain-Sync consultants will create your models in, for example, Verilog AMS or SystemC, from detailed analog to high-level transaction level.

Most of our consultants are Prince2 certified.

To lend you a helping hand

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Junior Consultant

Job Description

The junior consultant will help the customer to implement their EDA strategy. By implementing new tools and processes, or by helping the customer to do design work. This ranges from implementing EDA design tools in the customers' environment...

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Senior Consultant

Job Description

The senior consultant gives advice to the customer to develop and implement their EDA strategy. By helping them to select tools and implement processes and data flows inside and outside the company.



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