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We want you to get the best electronic design flow, which goes beyond installing tools. It is about the proper configuration, libraries, process and support too. When you need training, additional expertise or capacity on electronic design we can also help you.

We setup and improve your electronic design flow. Whether it is for PCB, HDL, Cabling or Chip, we can setup the tools, setup the design process, implement data management and library mechanisms, etc.
Interfaces to other disciplines like mechanical development or software, to manufacturers and to your enterprise systems are also an important aspect that we take into account.
And most importantly we can embed this in your organisation by providing training and support.

Electronic design automation

EDA stands for Electronic Design Automation, which basically means all automation in software, way-of-working and processes around electronic design, whether it applies to printed circuit boards (PCB), programmable hardware like FPGA's, chip design or cabling design.

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Product lifecycle management

Design is not only tools. It is also process. To improve the management, communication and collaboration of information throughout the complete lifecycle of a product, it is crucial to implement a sound Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategy. This applies to all activities of your company, so also to electronic design.

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FPGA Data Management

Design Data Management is an important step in your product management. It allows designers to keep track of their work. In this project we introduced DDM for FPGA design.

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Bitbucket Plugins

As a service Dizain-Sync can develop plugins for Atlassian Bitbucket. Some examples are, the system message plugin and the settings plugin.

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