Electronic design automation

Electronic Design Automation

EDA stands for Electronic Design Automation, which basically means all automation in software, way-of-working and processes around electronic design, whether it applies to printed circuit boards (PCB), programmable hardware like FPGA's, chip design or cabling design.

A successful Electronic Design Development requires skills, experience and knowledge of both electronic design tools as well as the application domain. Dizain-Sync offers a wide range of services to support your Electronic Design process. From first line support to helping designers with their design issues. On- or off site.

Dizain-Sync can help you improve your design process. We offer a unique combination of a broad point of view combined with the in-depth specialist knowledge of our consultants. During one or more initial meetings,we will discuss your company's specific issues and follow up with an advice on your design process's improvements that can be made to your design process, to make it more successful. If desired we can also make the necessary changes to the tooling, processes and way-of-working in a project based approach.


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FPGA Data Management

Design Data Management is an important step in your product management. It allows designers to keep track of their work. In this project we introduced DDM for FPGA design.

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Bitbucket Plugins

As a service Dizain-Sync can develop plugins for Atlassian Bitbucket. Some examples are, the system message plugin and the settings plugin.

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