RF Energy

Heating through solid-state power

RF Energy

RF Energy technologies are being introduced in many different settings. With RF Energy we can eliminate large and wasteful power sources like magnetron-based technologies, replacing them with smart, innovative RF power solutions. Our RF department can help you deliver a more focused and accurate way of getting the job done.

RF Energy in today's landscape

How it's used

RF-Energy is currently used as a heating and power source. It is commonly found in the form of magnetron technologies in different type of appliances in the commercial and industrial market. Magnetron tubes have been the dominant choice as microwave generator components in the past but this is slowly decreasing with the uprise of more producible, high efficient, high operation frequency and cost effective semiconductor devices. Furthermore, and as a complimentary technology to solid state further developments at integrated circuit and component level is helping to boost the use of new solid state technology compared to old vacuum tube technology.

Key applications

  • RF and Microwave industrial heating and drying
  • RF Cooking for Professional and Consumer markets.
  • Defrosting and thawing
  • Magnetron replacement
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • CO2 lasers
  • Plasma generators
  • Particle accelerators
  • Chemical processing
  • Plasma lighting

RF and Microwave heating

RF and Microwave heating is a process in which electromagnetic energy penetrates a material or a food product and where the electromagnetic wave is converted into heat (ultimately heat is generated inside the food or material). The major advantages of using microwaves for heating processes compared to conventional convection heating are the rapid heat transfer, volumetric and selective heating, the speed and pollution-free environment (as there are no products of combustion associated to the process).


As RF-energy applications require an extreme control, efficiency, ruggedness and simplicity of operation, our modular solid state RF-Energy generator is specially designed for R&D development on such applications. It offers monitoring capabilities and increased flexibility. The system is modular and customer configurable. Our latest development enable accurate and controlled scientific, medical and industrial experiments, based on solid state microwave technology. The generator helps you enhance your products, speed up the time-to-market and reduce development costs.

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Advantages of using solid-state amplifiers

Magnetron and vacuum tubes are preferred for applications requiring both higher frequency and higher power. Electron transport in a vacuum features a wide band performance, efficiency, thermal robustness, and radiation hardness.

Alternatively, solid-state power amplifiers combine the power from many transistors. The advantages of energy transported in a solid-state media yield compact devices with superior reliability, and competitive efficiency and bandwidth at lower frequency and power. Furthermore, thanks to frequency, power and phase control, solid-state power amplifiers can be used in a variety of smart control loop algorithms to boost overall system efficiency on specific heating processes expanding with time their applicability into the region of mutual competition with magnetron tube.

  • Reliability and life-time
  • Controllability
  • Low voltage drive
  • Safety
  • Smaller form factor
  • Better system-resource efficiency

Your RF-Energy partner

Bruco Integrated Circuits

With more than 30 years of renowned international semiconductor experience and innovation. Our expertise in IC and RF design at integration, system and product level provide a clear mindset on offering cost-effective system-level reference solutions. We can offer in-house RF power amplifier design, characterization and testing capabilities.

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