Bitbucket Plugins

Atlassian Bitbucket Plugins

Bitbucket is Atlassian's GIT repository manager. It allows users to manage their GIT repositories in a user friendly way. As a service Dizain-Sync can develop plugins for Atlassian Bitbucket to embed the design data management solution better into your design flow and organisation. Some examples of plugins we have developed are:

  • A system message plugin, which allows administrators to set messages at the top of the browser window.
  • A settings plugin, which provides settings for project, repository, commits and user profiles which can be managed in the GUI and through the REST interface.
  • A build plugin to interface better with Jenkins and create and fire jobs there, but also to view jobs and results without having to go to Jenkins at all.
  • GIT post-commit triggers to fire off server side scripts. In this particular instance to run checks to determine the code quality, and project completeness.
  • GIT pre-commit triggers to check submodule usage.


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