Training introduction to C++

Training introduction to C++

Our C++ courses are intended to introduce (or refresh) engineers who will be using C++ for design, modeling or verification purposes such as using the SystemC class library or the SystemC Verification library.

We offer 1 day, 2 day and 3 day versions of this course to meet the needs of students with different levels of C++ skill. 
The following syllabus is for the 3 day C++ course but indicates the kind of knowledge needed prior to taking a SystemC course. 

• Introduction 
• Getting Started 
• Preprocessor and Libraries 
• Program Structure 
• Basic Language Elements 
• More Data Types 
• I/O 
• Pointers & References 
• Classes - Modeling "objects" 
• Constants 
• Function overloading 
• Initialization & cleanup 
• Operator Overloading 
• Templates 
• Template specialization 
• Useful utilities in the Standard Template Library [STL] ( + exercise) 
• Inheritance 

Hands-On Labs 
A good portion of class time will be spent applying principles learned in lecture to hands-on labs.

For more information please contact Niek ten Hove, +31 (0)74 265 0050

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