Training introduction to SystemC Modeling with introduction to TLM 2.0

Training introduction to SystemC Modeling


This three-day workshop introduces the student to the
SystemC C++ class library and the TLM 2.0 library. It is
intended for engineers who are new to SystemC or those
who may be self-taught, with an interest in learning
SystemC for modeling purposes.

The student will learn how to write, compile, execute and
debug system and hardware descriptions with SystemC
and Loosely-timed and Approximately-timed TLM 2.0
coding styles.

This course is mixed lecture and exercises, with an
exercise for nearly every topic.
• Introduction
• Modeling overview
• Modules
o Channels, ports, interfaces
o Module constructor
o Events
o Event queue
o Thread processes
o Method processes
o Module instantiation (in modules)
• Simulation initialization
• SystemC data types
• Primitive channels
• User defined channels
• Exports
• Dynamic processes
• OSCI TLM 1.0 standard
• OSCI TLM 2.0 standard
o LT coding style
o AT coding style
o DMI and debug Interface

Hardware, software and systems engineers who have a
good working knowledge of C++ and SystemC, and want
to learn to use the OSCI TLM-2.0 standard.

Introduction to C++ training course or equivalent
Course may be taken immediately before this course.

Ir. Gert-Jan Tromp or Mr. Paul Eijkelkamp

3 days

Training Center van Dizain-Sync b.v., Oostermaat 2,
Borne. On-site courses on request

For more information please contact Niek ten Hove, +31 (0)74 265 0050

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