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Since 1988 Dizain-Sync is an independent leading provider of system-design & verification training both within the Benelux and around the world.

Our own experienced instructors apply hands on techniques that improve learning retention and on-the-job productivity.

Tailor-made training

Besides our standard training program, we can also provide customer specific training. For example training on your design flow, data management, simulation or build automation.

For more information please contact Niek ten Hove, 074-265 0050 or send a mail training@dizain-sync.com.

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Dizain-Sync offers the following standard courses:

Next to these standard courses we can create tailor-made courses, specifically tailored to your needs.


For more information or registration please contact Niek ten Hove, 074-265 0050 of mail training@dizain-sync.com.

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Dizain-Sync offer a wide range of training courses for design and verification. Below you will find the schedule of our available courses.

Advanced VHDL

5 until 6 July 2017- Register Now
The advanced VHDL training is meant for designers who work some time with VHDL. During the training, where theory and practice wil vary, the base knowledge will be refreshed and afterwards the less know aspects of VHDL will be considered. more..

Professional VHDL

6 until 8 November 2017- Register Now
This 3 day training is meant as an introduction into VHDL. VHDL, as it seems, only knows advantages, but the complexity of VHDL can be very frustrating for new users. more..

Advanced SystemC for Modeling

20 until 22 November 2017- Register Now
This three-day workshop is intended for engineers who are familiar with SystemC with an interest in using SystemC for Advanced Verification. more..

Introduction to SystemC for Modeling

27 until 29 November 2017- Register Now
A three-day workshop for engineers who are new to SystemC or those who may be self taught, with an interest in learning SystemC for modeling purposes. more..

For more information about other courses please contact Niek ten Hove, 074-265 0050 or by mail training@dizain-sync.com   



Note if the dates do not match your desired schedule, please let us know.

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Junior Consultant

Job Description

The junior consultant will help the customer to implement their EDA strategy. By implementing new tools and processes, or by helping the customer to do design work. This ranges from implementing EDA design tools in the customers' environment...

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Senior Consultant

Job Description

The senior consultant gives advice to the customer to develop and implement their EDA strategy. By helping them to select tools and implement processes and data flows inside and outside the company.



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