LTspice Basic


In this 1-day training workshop you will learn about the special features of LTspice for setting up simulations and performing analysis results. It is a hands-on training. Each subject starts with a short introduction after which guided exercises help to understand and apply the new features.

Even for those already familiar with LTspice this course has proven to reveal new features that make the use of LTspice yet more efficient.

Training overview

LTspice Introduction

  • Strength of LTspice
  • Positioning of LTspice

Schematic entry

  • Basic elements and actions

Performing an analysis

  • DC, AC, transient analysis
  • Measurements
  • Sweeping parameters

Hierarchical models

  • Using a schematic model versus a library model
  • Special LTspice elements

Information resources

Jaap Fijnvandraat

Your trainer for this course

Jaap Fijnvandraat is an expert in modelling and simulation in several disciplines. In Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) he was responsible for the international roll-out and support of the Design Analysis environment. As such he has developed and given a lot of trainings, especially in the area of Electronic Design simulation.........

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Enjoy Nijmegen

The training location is at our office in Nijmegen. Lunch is also served here. The overnight stays, lunch and dinner are in the Sanodome Hotel.

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